Wee Creative Company is run and owned by its designers

Our structure is unique. We’re the brand and design studio where the designers of the work serve as the primary contact for every client.

We’re a creative brand and design studio based in the Barras precinct of Glasgow

Our work encompasses brand and product logo, website design and digital experiences, event branding and packaging, infographics and brochures.

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Future-fit branding for logo | brochure | events | websites

Slide Our roadmap to
a great brand identity
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Our roadmap to
a great brand identity
Find out how we do it






Website design process

Let’s design a better world.

Our role goes beyond just designing fresh ideas to engage your brand across web and print. Our vision is to work with our clients and partners toward social change and environmental sustainability. Let’s design a better world using a wide range of sustainable design methods and natural resources – from the creative stage to the delivery stage.
We’re aware that resources are limited and waste doesn’t just sort of. . . disappear.

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