brand identity and logo design

Brand identity and logo design

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Our creative approach in developing a strong brand identity and logo design is based on strategy then design. We use research and feedback from focus groups in the development of our creative approach. Our skill is to craft unique logos that will become the visual hallmarks of wonderful companies.
As environmentally friendly graphic designers our role goes way beyond just bringing fresh, innovative ideas to visualise often complex issues. We use a range of sustainable design methods in our practice, from designing for sustainable outcomes to choosing greener suppliers. Doing ‘good’ design and helping our clients send positive messages is our goal.

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Let us apply our branding experience to all points of your visual communication. Starting with your website and across all your media. Together we can create your branding material in harmony with your core values and project your voice in an increasingly crowded marketplace.

5 steps to a great logo

When you need a logo or a more comprehensive brand identity system, our identity design process works the same way.

Brand identity and logo design process
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