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ASH is innovative and agenda setting in their work, their policies are always evidence based. We’ve been fortunate to work on their most demanding campaign branding, some with light-bulb moments that have sparked innovative visuals. Wee Creative, through good use of graphic design, have helped raise awareness of campaigning and lobbying activities.

Counter Arguments

infographics and report.
This report scrutinises the messages sent to small retailers by the tobacco industry and asks whether the traditional approach to selling tobacco in small shops is still in retailers’ best interests, given the ongoing decline in the market and the recent changes to how tobacco is sold.
What we did:
We designed the report and created a simple infographic of the four headline points of the report.

BAT's African Footprint

Since British American Tobacco first set foot in Africa in 1908 it has been the continent’s dominant force in tobacco production and consumption. ASH examines BAT’s heavy footprint on Africa.
What we did:
This brief quite literally lit our imagination – and nothing fuels a call to action more than to set things on fire . So we set it alight to show the destructive effect tobacco has on Africa and to inflame the urgency of the situation.


to-bac-o-nom-ics n.
1. the use of specious or partisan analysis to “throw sand in the gears” of public health policy. 2. creating unjustified anxiety about the social or economic impact of regulations to reduce tobacco use.
What we did:
Well, to us, this is like a game of chance that combines gambling, strategy, and skill as tobacco giants keep their cards close to their chests which results with the public being dealt an incomplete hand of cards to form their decisions. The more information you have, the better. The more detailed, the more information, the better.

Top of the Agenda

Explores the risks and opportunities of the changing public health landscape for professionals engaged in reducing the harm from tobacco.
What we did:
To show how everything connects and at what level each service sits within the structure we created infographics based on schematic maps showing the connections, organisations and services of the Public Health Services in England.


The All Party Parliamentary Group on Smoking and Health is a cross-party group of MPs and Peers, founded in 1976. ASH provides the secretariat to the group.
What we did:
Making something look simple is easy. Making something simple to read is much harder – especially when the underlying content can be complex. We used government design principles by making reports, political bulletins and online templates built to work, to be reusable and shareable instead of reinventing the wheel every time.

Beyond Smoking Kills

The white paper Smoking Kills, was a milestone in public health in the United Kingdom. It defined a comprehensive tobacco control strategy that has put the UK among the world leaders in tobacco control. Ten years later much of what Smoking Kills set out to do – and more – has been achieved. Beyond Smoking Kills takes stock of these achievements and sets out an agenda for action for the next ten years.
What we did:
Our approach here is simple: it says what it does on the packet Smoking Kills. We designed and printed the Report, Executive Summary with online versions. At the same time we were involved in the initial testing of artwork for the Government’s new Standardised Plain Cigarette Packaging, used on the front cover.

Smoking Still Kills

Following the launch in Parliament of the Smoking Still Kills ASH report the Government announced it would be going ahead with one of the report’s key recommendations – a new Tobacco Strategy. Smoking Still Kills was endorsed by over 120 health related organisations.
What we did:
Again our design is super simple: it says what it does on the packet and now with pictures Smoking Kills. We updated our original design and printed the Report, Executive Summary and online versions. Our prototype artwork for the Government’s Standardised Plain Cigarette Packaging on the Report cover has almost completed its evolution.

Standardised Plain Packaging

The UK is the second country in the world and the first in Europe to require cigarettes to be sold in plain, standardised packaging,
What we did:
Through ASH we worked on artwork, over a number of years and produced thousands of 3D prototypes at development stages which were tested by health organisations and charities throughout the UK.
Research lead guidance provided information leading to current designs, which are based on the Australian Plain Pack model.

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