Logo & Brand Identity

Elske Photography

Frank and Paul worked closely with Jim Veitch of Elske Photography crafting a Logo & Brand Identity Design. We developed website designs to showcase his portfolio and commercial products.

Elske clients include Hollywood actors, supermodels and international healthcare companies.  Jim’s photographs have appeared in the national and international press and in global marketing campaigns.

What we did

Brand Development

Frank and Paul developed cohesive Logo & Brand Identity Design to work across the entire Elske Brand. We rolled out the brand style across visual elements such as name style, colour, typography, stationery, online signatures and website.

Website & Digital Design

Our goal was to allow users to browse Jim’s photos and products efficiently. We used a simple navigation technique that shifted focus away from the website and toward the photography. To account for varied aspect ratios, we maximised the size. There is an online booking system and e-commerce.


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