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It starts with a kiss

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Your brand’s look and feel

Brands have to make a strong first impression in a relatively short space of time. Your brand is the visual equivalent of your elevator pitch. Visually your brand is the look and feel of your company, designed to inspire potential customers to see you in a positive light and invest in your products and services.

Jeff Bezos, founder of one of the strongest, most successful brands on the planet (Amazon), said, “Your brand is what people say about you when you’re not in the room”.
Jeff’s spot on. Whether you choose to promote your brand or not, you have one in the minds of your connections – in business and in life.

Remember that when you’re not in the room there’s plenty of others moving around, so your brand’s message has to work even harder to get its voice heard. So how can we develop your brand’s look and feel, practically and financially, without breaking the bank?

Give your brand a kiss

This is where we kiss your brand into life – and by that I mean we Keep It Super Simple (KISS).  Our approach is a Super Simple way of visually developing your brand’s message to stand out and get noticed while making sure it works with your brand’s look and feel – even on a tight budget.
We can bring a fresh burst of life to your brand, your products, your services and apply this experience to all points of visual communication and across all your media.

Let’s make a date

When you’re looking to shake life into your brand message, products or services, speak to us and we will get your message heard in a clear and appealing way, to your audience. While Keeping It Super Simple.

and don’t just take our word for it…

“Just checked the graphic – very snazzy.  I love it.
It puts the individual across the model and at the centre of it – all  in one go! Very clever!”
– Lynne, Owner, Development Solutions

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Keep it Super Simple

Our priority is to get everyone to understand your vision.
To understand your services. To buy in to your products and turn disengaged audiences into avid consumers.

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