Porto Piri Piri

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Branding and design for Scotland’s first Porto Piri Piri restaurant.

Eating is about more than the sense of taste, sight plays a big part too.

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The devil’s in the detail. Brand roll-out

Wee Creative’s brand designs embrace the essence of Porto Piri Piri’s devilishly hot foods. The Porto Red takes the same colour as the African Devil chilli, also known in Swahili as “pepper pepper” or Piri Piri. The Porto Black draws on the heat of Mozambique’s matt black iron grills and is used as a backdrop across signage.

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We’re environmentally responsible designers: Logo brand identity website

Our design process uses a wide range of sustainable design methods and we consider natural resources as part of our design development – beginning with the creative stage and ending with the delivery stage. We investigate the design project’s life cycle, from the paper and inks we use, to overseeing the print and delivery stage. We evaluate where we can make it more efficient, whilst minimising the generation of waste.
When you have a design project in mind and want to work with a small team, with a passion for design, we will be delighted to hear from you. Have a chat over a coffee with Paul and Frank to see how we can help build your brand.

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Wee Creative Company: branding and design

Our creative approach is very much for today: For a world that’s aware that resources are limited. Waste doesn’t just sort of. . . disappear.

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