Graphic design and website

Graphic design and website to showcase Inspiring Projects Involving Glass.

“The continuous pursuit of visual and technical pleasure by contributing to the success of ambitious architectural projects.”

“The brochure and website looks fantastic so many thanks to both you and Frank.”

Director, IPIG

brochure design

Our structure is unique. We are the design company where the owners of the business are the creators of the work and serve as the primary contact for every client. Our creative approach is very much for today – environmentally responsible and aware that resources are limited and waste doesn’t just sort of . . . disappear.

Wee Creative Company, Glasgow

Let us apply our branding experience to all points of your visual communication. Starting with your website and across all your media. Together we can create your branding material in harmony with your core values and project your voice in an increasingly crowded marketplace.


We’re environmentally responsible designers

Our design process uses a wide range of sustainable design methods and we consider natural resources as part of our design development – beginning with the creative stage and ending with the delivery stage. We investigate the design project’s life cycle, from the paper and inks we use, to overseeing the print and delivery stage. We evaluate where we can make it more efficient, whilst minimising the generation of waste.
When you have a design project in mind and want to work with a small team, with a passion for design, we will be delighted to hear from you. Have a chat over a coffee with Paul and Frank to see how we can help build your brand.

It is always good to work with people who value their craft as much as we value ours.

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