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Graphic design encompassing Event branding: logo design, reports, packaging , displays, infographics, digital experiences, press, online and outdoor advertising designs

“Thanks again for doing such a fantastic job . . . I have just been invited to present the report in Parliament next month.”

Chief Executive, ASH England

Report design

The White Paper ‘Smoking Kills’ was endorsed by over 120 organisations

The Report covers show how our designs for UK Government’s Cigarette Packaging has evolved over the years. Our original graphic designs were followed up 10 years later with our updated graphic designs for ‘Smoking Still Kills’ Report.

Report and packaging
branding and graphic design

UK Government’s Standardised Plain Cigarette Packaging

We designed artwork templates and produced thousands of prototype cigarette packets for testing, over a 10 year period, that have evolved into today’s UK cigarette packet designs. The standardised plain cigarette packaging has replaced all previously branded versions.

Let’s design a better world.

As environmentally friendly graphic designers our role goes way beyond just bringing fresh, innovative ideas to visualise often complex issues. Our vision is to work with our clients and partners toward social change and environmental sustainability. To design a better world. Our design process uses a wide range of sustainable design methods and we consider natural resources as part of our design development – from the creative stage to the delivery stage.
We’re aware that resources are limited. Waste doesn’t just sort of. . . disappear.

Let us apply our branding experience to all points of your visual communication. Starting with your logo and website. When you have a design project in mind and want to work with a small team, with a passion for design, we will be delighted to hear from you. Have a chat over a coffee with Paul and Frank to see how we can help build your brand.

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