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NHS Classroom Resources

Graphic Design & illustration

NHS approached us with an exploratory graphic design project to illustrate characters for a pilot health and wellbeing programme for schools. As the programme has proved to be popular we have integrated illustrations into resources. All the characters have clear personalities and promote the messages in an engaging and friendly manner.

The programme is aimed at Primary 1 classes and consists of a story being read to the class followed by a classroom activity to agree a name for the bear in the story, which is then entered into the competition to win a Teddy Bear mascot for their classroom.

What we did

Developing Legendary Characters for Schools Resources

We illustrated a lovable Teddy Bear to appeal to young children and developed the character Jenny, her family and friends. As the programme rolled out it has become popular and more characters have been added.

Inspired by experience

As we brainstormed with our client, they shared stories from their area. Some were from their experience working with Primary 1 children, their guardians, and insights into practicalities of implementing health awareness activities — and light bulbs went on.

Creative Evolution

With the characters selected, the real work began of bringing those characters to life. We started with a series of hand sketches for Jenny and the Bear trying to narrow in on how to best capture the essence of the story and evoke positive action. The client picked a direction to head, and soon, the sketches grew in detail, colour, and depth.

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