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Morblas Seafood and Grill

Graphic Design, Art Direction and Print

We worked closely with the Morblas marketing team to develop graphic design, art direction and production of brochures for the Hilton Seafood and Grill Restaurant in the centre of Glasgow.
We art directed photo shoots to make menu items from Hand Dived Scallops, Whole Sea Bass and Chateaubriand look as delicious in print as they are in person. Scenes of crispy fries, exquisite seafood, a tight shot of a sizzling steak from the grill, and beautiful photos of fresh ingredients all bring the mouth-watering Morblas experience to the forefront.
Our design approach was formed by logging, many hours to gain an understanding of the Morblas dining experience and explore their exquisite seafood and steak dishes (we are always willing to go the extra mile for our clients).

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