The Devil’s in the detail

The Devil’s in the detail

The Devil’s in the detail 150 150 Wee Creative Company

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Unveiling our latest branding in 2020 for the UK’s first Porto Piri Piri Restaurant

Inspired by the key ingredient of Porto Piri Piri’s signature sauces and their hot flame grills, Glasgow studio, Wee Creative Company have crafted a devilishly wicked brand that flows with style and taste.

Drawing on the African Devil.

The Porto Red takes the same colour as the African Devil chilli, also known in Swahili as “pepper pepper” or Piri Piri. The Porto Black draws on the heat of Mozambique’s matt black iron grills and is used as a backdrop across signage.
The typestyle created by Frank and Paul is crafted by the imposition of hot pepper horns and infusing a sweeping tail to embrace with the same devil-may-care nonchalance and lust for life as the Devil’s dinner is eaten and enjoyed.

The devil’s in the detail

Porto Piri Piri’s brand experience has been applied to all points of communication starting with their Brand logo, custom website, restaurant signage and across all their media, uniforms, menus and packaging.

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